Hi welcome to my site! Right now this is just a test for the nintendo dsi, but u can learn a bit about me!

  1. -My favorite food is Dark Chocolate
  2. -My favorite drink is coffee or tea

Things I like-

Team rocket

Mint hot coco

Anime robots

CD Collecting

Death Note (The show)

Things I hate-

Mean People

Spy mains

Death Note (The object cause it killed L ╥﹏╥)

Dumb People


Look at this cute parappa plushie, he got mcdonalds fries

I wanna get him some day...

Heres some quiz results!

Poison-types are strongly opinionated and independent. They tend to go their own way in their personal pursuits, unconcerned with what others think of them.

I dont really got anything else to say. Go play Shin Megami Tensei Strange Journey, youre already on a DS after all ¬_¬