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11/11/22 - The Urge to Change Layouts Back

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The Urge to Change Layouts


So as the webmaster of ARandomSite, I have to choose how the site looks. For me and a lot of other webmasters, it's hard to make that decision. Some of us like to choose minimalist/brutalist designs with little CSS and a lot of text or some of us like to overload your browser with flashing lights, moving text, and a lot of GIFS (If you want to see an example, visit Most of us (like me) have the site in the middle with some CSS but not too much. ARandomSite has gotten through a lot of layouts. If my memory serves me correctly, the first layout was a minimalist design. So right now, I have a pretty normal site design. It's more on the minimalist design but it's not quite there. I have the urge to make it more minimalist though. A good example of a minimalist page is A lot of webmasters reading this know the feeling of when you just finished a layout and you want to make it perfect. I guess it's just human nature to want something to be perfect. And you can't change the way you are. There is this comedy sketch called "The Expert" ( where the clients try to order 7 red lines from the expert, some in green ink, some in invisible ink, some in the shape of a cat. This shows how viewers see webmasters and how webmasters see the viewers. A good page to read more about is I like to see the feedback on what I do on my site like changing layouts. I posted a question about my minimalist design on a test server and it was generally accepted! There is this site called OpenBooks ( and when they did the same thing, it was not well received at the time. I honestly believe that the internet should have a network of minimalist-designed websites! That's why we have Interevolution! ( Interevolution is a minimalist web design hosting service that I made and you should make a site on there! Also, I'm not ashamed about the plug btw. Thanks for reading this blog post! - ARandomInternetUser