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Facts about Away Team

We are a team of animation industry veterans with a terrifyingly accomplished background in both Film and Video Game hand-keyed animation and motion-capture.

Facts about MoCap

Raw MoCap data is a lifeless proxy for the actor's on-stage performance. Much of the nuance is lost, and it requires expertise to restore it.

We take this insipid body of jittery mush, and, applying our decades of expertise, we work the crap out of it. The result, a natural performance that is imbued with life.

How? Experience. We have nearly 100 years of combined industry experience in both AAA video games and mega-budget Hollywood movies.

Poindexter in accounting will no doubt insist that you go with the lowest bidder for your MoCap beautifying solution. We understand, but, low-budget outsourcing firms consistently deliver junk, junk that you'll spend your evenings and weekends fixing. Instead, we recommend that contact us for our expert advice and for a detailed quote.

Away Team Global are the premiere mocap cleanup artists

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