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Welcome to my page, where I'll be talking about artists from the record label Being Inc. (Which includes artists like ZARD, B'z, WANDS, Mai Kuraki, GARNET CROW, TUBE, as well as the artists under asistobe). More about me here. If you want to request a translation, please email me at Note: All translations from now on will not include kana because some computers can't process it.

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November 29, 2022 Quick shout out to my best friend who's birthday is today! Happy birthday to you! Anyway, today, I found out that Tetsuro Oda, the legendary composer that all Being fans would probably know if they're into 90's Being (00's Being has more of Aika Ohno, probably!), composed some AKB48 songs back in the early 2010's, so I'm super pumped up! And the center of "Suzukake Nanchara" is Jurina Matsui, who was my oshimen (I was a bit of a fan of a few Japanese idol groups when I was in elementary school and for a bit of middle school) when I was in 7th grade! My worlds are connecting! I'm so happy! And up until now, somehow I didn't know that Akimoto himself wrote all the AKB songs! Well, I mean, looking back, it probably makes more sense!

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ZARD - I can't let go
Daria Kawashima - Kanashiki Jiyuu no Hate ni
Seiichiro Kuribayashi - Sayonara ni wa Todokanai
WANDS - Canaria Naita Koro ni
MANISH - Koe ni Naranai Hodo ni Itoshii
T-BOLAN - Bye For Now
ZARD - Itsuka wa

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J-Pop Music Station This particular site includes (but is not limited to) information about various Being artists, like translations of songs as well as magazine features. I absolutely love it!

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