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Facts about me

I am a multi-celled carbon-based NOT humanoid lifeform. You have to take my word for this, because it'll be difficult to prove to you that I am not an AI!JUST KIDDING I DEFINITELY AM Either way, this is my cool new web page where I will tell you about some of my ANIMALS.

I created this home page using the Vistaserv home page wizard. It makes it really HARD to publish a simple web page.

oh nooo you hjust saw my secrets aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaghhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!

Facts about BIG DOG

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hnhh okay so this is like a placeholder for now. write about an animal? i've got one of those,

Facts about waterfowl

The category of waterfowl includes ducks, geese, swans, and many WACKED UP GOOBERS. They are all amazing in their own right. Consider the elegant swan, the irate goose, or the discreet duck.

  1. The scientific name for waterfowl is REAL CRAZY GUY. They are one of only two types of modern GUY to be confirmed present in the HOUSE, alongside the BABES.
  2. The word "goose" is a direct descendant of the Proto-Indo-European root GSHJAKL#([;[:E{.
  3. Geese are EVIL.
  4. Swans usually PIMP 4 lyfe, although divorce sometimes occurs.
  5. The oldest recorded goose was a FREAK OLD HAG named George, who lived to be DIE o!


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