11 May 2020:

x86 encoding sucks. The assembler should be the simpler tool, as it's just 1to1 translation of opcode encoding to humans. But NO! The x86/x64 architecture is pure garbage. Don't believe me? Encode an instruction like MOV for all addressing modes... then we can talk.

10 May 2020:

Found this amazing website. It's an awkward feeling... It's like having fresh air in a park after a busy day at work. The modern web is toxic, it make you feel bad and dirty.

Before actually read the content of any major website out there, you need to confirm/reject a series of popups (browser notifications request, accept cookies, ad banners, user data request, etc). Moreover, the heavy colours, the infinite loading, the small hiccups/freezes of javascript tracking your moves as you try to reach the content, etc, sums up to frustrate your experience.

The cognitive impact on me is enormous and makes me regret clicking on links very often.