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Here you can donate me some money by paypal https://www.paypal.me/dinuapostolescu Or just click this hiperlink Donate Here!

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Hatz John

Welcome to JulcSoftwares.ml!

Website Updates: I'm moving over to NeoCities!!! About me Facts about me Facts about Microsoft Links



Welcome to JulcSoftwares.ml, I'm Dinu and this is my website. Here I will post overviews over the years and I will post my software made by me too, so stay tuned!

Facts about Microsoft Windows!

Microsoft Windows commonly known as Windows, was introduced by Microsoft on 20 November, 1985. Windows is proprietary and closed source operating system. Windows uses Graphical User Interface (GUI) to interact with users. Bill Gates and Paul Allen founded Microsoft and Windows operating system.

Welcome to JulcSoftwares.ml This is my website. Here i will post overviews over the years( that sounds a bit confusing) and i will post my software made by me too so stay tuned!

Facts about me

In my freetime I enjoy Coding and Wrinting things in Blogs. I'm that type of person. Of course I Enjoy playing games but not that much that i've used to back in the day.

Ways To Contact Me

  • _*Pheonix*_ AirsickCap on GFWL™#3634
  • My Email Address: thejulc66@gmail.com
  • Email alpha= dinuapostolescu12@gmail.com
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