What Is a Good Essay Topic? College and school students often want to find a universal recipe for essay writing persuasive, narrative, or argumentative essay topics. However, in real life, there is something more than strict rules for essay title ideas. So whether you are thinking of expository essay topics, definition essay topics, or argumentative essay topics, use your creativity. Here are some generalized features of a research paper topic or an online literature review: Interesting As mentioned before, an interesting topic captures a reader's attention. Hence, try to cover subjects that are topical for modern society. Even the simplest essay topics for college can have an unexpected twist that changes the game. Challenging Some students take a risk and come up with a controversial essay topic. In their works, people question common beliefs while suggesting an unpopular point of view. For instance, write argumentative essay topics on the positive effects of global warming or droughts to intrigue the readers. Striking To affect people more, experts recommend expressing shocking thoughts. Also, mixing two or more subjects for one essay strengthens the surprise effect. As an illustration, combine health topics and cultural differences for an argumentative essay. Unusual If you want to level up your research essay, argumentative paper, or another kind of work, be creative. Sometimes, professors assign seemingly boring topics for college students, and their task is to make their essays stand out. Look at things from a different perspective to improve your essay writing skills. Backed by Trustworthy Sources Whether you are choosing a narrative essay or a research essay topic, having enough info on them is essential. The piece is incomplete without evidence to back up the statements. Still, students can refer to situations from personal life in their works. Evoking Some Feelings You could have heard of persuasive writing as a way to affect readers. Although, there are other methods like opening up about your emotions in a writing form. A funny story or touching fact makes the personal or argumentative essay unique and memorable.