The Migispace

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Facts about me

I am a multi-celled carbon-based humanoid lifeform. You have to take my word for this, because it'll be difficult to prove to you that I am not an AI! Either way, this is my cool new web page where I will tell you about some of my interests.

I created this home page using the Vistaserv home page wizard. It makes it really easy to publish a simple web page.

My best friend Mónica

My stupid dog Comino

Comino is a dog that Mónica picked up from the street because he was too dumb. He is also very sweet, which is why he could not live with his former owners, who were bad people. Now he lives with us and is stupid around the house, with his long mouthparts and his weird bony body. He also has a big butt, and a butterfly tongue that he uses to lick your forehead when he's feeling happy. We clean up his poop a lot.