wADDup im plutoshitgamer9000


yea.... he cant code html,so i, wzeyctfvgtgfryc (who will have a website in july) coded this shit

also this site is... get it, under construction

well, heres some info on plutoshitgamer9000

yea, thats all

heres a table, because wzeyctfvgtgfryc LOVES html tables (i made a super big one when i started html5, way back in... i think june 9 2019, shitty time, i used windows)

A TABLE! I LOVE THIS its pretty cool use this for navbar

thats it, remember that this is under construction


website coded by wzeyctfvgtgfryc, will have website served with vistaserv in july, my birthday month, plutoshitgamer9000 is my cousin brother, he cant do shit with html -wzeyctfvgtgfryc, june 14 2022