Welcome to my Tamagotchi home page!

This is my little home page for v4.5 and v5 Tamagotchis! I made this mostly so I don't need to have a bunch of tabs open, but hopefully you'll find it helpful too!





v4.5 Resources

My Tamagotchi died! What do I do? Press the A and C button together and a new egg will appear!


After Tama is a Teenager for an hour, [!] mail will appear. Open it and your Tama will have an "AWAY" sign. Press A or B on this screen to be taken to the school. A or C to scroll through teachers, B to confirm. Mr. Turtlepedia: Humor/Funny Ms. Flower: Gorgeousness Mr. Canvas: Passion/Spiritual


1 day after your Tama has become an adult [!] mail will appear. Open it and you'll go to a building. Press A to scroll and B to confirm a building. Once selected your Tama will be interviewed. If all judges show an O your tama got the job! If one or more show an X they did not get the job. If you press C or don't get any jobs, you will go back to the normal screen and get another job offer in 5 hours. Once a job is obtained you can send your tama to work the same way you send it to school. Source: dancinkayley @ https://www.tamatalk.com/threads/school-and-work-on-v4-5.151967/