Welcome to my nightmare!

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Facts about me

My name is Kev. I made this website the funzies.

I like to draw, write, photograph many different things I see when I have my camera, collect CDs, listen to those CDs, and surf the web.

Facts about cats

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I know it may seem overrated but I love cats. They are my life. They are AWESOME. Look at these cute kittens!!!

Facts about waterfowl

You see this? This is a cat I see sometimes. Her name is Baby Black. She is very cute and friendly! SHe is agile, sleek and loves to play. She also has a friend named Fluffy who looks like her, but fluffy!

  1. What do I add.. thinking. OH MY GOD WHAT DO I ADD?? look at this, I use this website to listen to tunes.
  2. I usually listen to bands like The O.
  3. They kick ass.
  4. I've been listening to Junk In the Trunk recently.
  5. My favorite album, however, is Nightmerica

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