Welcome to the age of sin.

this is my homepage. the page of infamous internet dj/aspiring irl dj/artist and internet figure dj nyanarchy aka digitalsp1rit. just call me skrillzz, nichole or toby.

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Facts about me

16 year old faggot rave catghost forever spirit haunting local rave 2009. i go by skrillzz nichole or toby. plural to some degree. lover of music dj. panromantic and somewhere along the lines of girl/nonbinary, but that doesnt really matter i just fucking vibe! gender is gay.

I created this home page using my fucking psychic powers, yeah, thats right. what the fuck are you gonna do about it? *turns you into a funny looking critter and makes you do a silly little dance with the punishment of not complying with my orders being death*

Facts about cats

im a random neko girl that loves to rave - deal with it!

a GIRL??!?!? who plays FIVE NIGHTS AT FREDDYS?!?!?!?!! WOAHHH!!!! *eyes bulge out of head* BAZINGA!!! WOWEEE!!!!!

Facts about they creature

i have so many little creatures in my head they run around in my head like a game of lazar tag except theres always really loud annoying music playing and everyones on various types of psychedelics. my own version of the perfect afterlife, tbh. everyone is in their true form having gay sex free from the pain of human life and capitalism and shit. were all on drugs partying and the party never stops, ever.