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about me

my name is sylvester. i am a teen from europe who likes anything swag! B)

my interests include gaming, music, tv shows, science, and nature. my weekends are usually spent doing whatever i feel like. this weekend it consisted of making a vistaserv homepage :)

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this is where i will share any random thoughts that cross my mind :)


alternate reality games. games using the real world as a platform. they are really cool! so much decoding and puzzle solving, it's awesome! check them out, you won't regret it :)

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rhinestone eyes by gorillaz


i have had many hobbies. i am very good at picking them up, but also very good at letting them go. in this section i want to talk about all the different hobbies i have had :)

rock update


in my last post i shared my interest for rocks and i mentioned my brand new rocktumbler. looking back, i was really excited about tumbling my first batch and getting to see the results. now however, three months later i still haven't gotten to see the results. not because they're still tumbling - they're not, but because i simply lost interest.

i find it quite funny (and sometimes sad to be honest) that i have a tendency to drop new interests so quickly. i was so excited to reveal the finished batch of tumbled rocks when i started, but now, three months later they are sitting in a still tumbler. i haven't even emptied it of grit. this all sounds really depressing, but i don't see it entirely that way. i am curious as to why my mind functions that way. and sure, i would have liked to see just one batch of rocks fully through the tumbling process, but

i meant to finish this post, but i dont feel like working on it anymore. i guess that just proves the point i was trying to make.



one of my longest surviving hobbies is geology. or rocks. it has been an interest of mine for years now. i just love going for walks on the beach while finding pretty, cool, or funny-looking rocks. i even have multiple shelves dedicated to storing my favorites!

it's not just about looks though. the identification and slowly learning about different types of rocks and minerals is also really exciting to me! being able to name every stone i walk by is a pretty cool thought. i can't exactly do that yet though, haha! it's a process, but i really enjoy it!

recently i got a rocktumbler, which is so awesome! i immediately started tumbling a batch, that consisted of both minerals and beach rocks. the good thing about beach rocks is that they are already pretty smooth, as the ocean is just one big tumbler! this saves both time and tumbling grit ;) rocktumbling is something i have been interested in for a while. i simply love the process and science behind slowly grinding down rocks until they're nice and polished! and it doesn't require much from me except for patience, haha! this truly brings out the beauty of otherwise average looking rocks :)


this is my blog! here, i will share my thoughts and experiences. big or small :)

social studies


today i had social studies in school. we just started a new topic, economy. we discussed maslows hierarchy of needs, which is seperated into two kinds of needs. deficiency needs and growth needs. deficiency needs are things like food and shelter. basically what you need to survive. growth needs are esteem and self-actualization, things that make you grow as a person.

we talked about how there is a general connection between money and life quality. this is because it is harder to fulfill your growth needs, when you are struggling to fulfill your deficiency needs. this made me think of the cynical greek philosopher, diogenes, who lived almost like an animal in the streets of athen. he slept in a ceramic jar and had no possesions, truly living by the philosophy of cynicism. so, even though he didn't have all deficiency needs, he still fulfilled the self-actualizaton need. this can only mean that your quality of life can still be high, even without money or possessions, right?

i know diogenes is a pretty extreme example, but the point is still valid. life quality doesn't necessarily depend on money or even the fulfillment of all deficiency needs (although it is pretty helpful). instead, it depends on your own subjective philosophy and judgement of life, and what it means to you personally.

this is my first blog post.


this is where i will write the blog itself. i intend to share my thoughts and feelings in this paragraph space. i hope it turns out nice, or ill have to change it. either way is ok, i like feeling like a little coder.




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