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Welcome to temmies homepage!!!!!

about me my cat blog work in progress

about me

I'm 19 and i live in europe. I like my cat, videogames, reading and doing creative stuff. I currently am studying and if i could do anything i would want to live and a cottage in the woods with lots of animals
I would love to be penpals! If you would like, write to me on email:


just call me mr hacer

my cat

I adopted my cat after fostering her and her siblings (foster fail moment l o l)
your eyes will now be blessed with my cat

she really likes bags


25. jan, 2022

I recently came in touch with someone from my past and it has been a ride. It has made me realize how unwell I actually still am, and how easy it is for me to fall into harmful patterns. I have really been bottling things up for a while now, but today I broke down in front of my parents. I'm done pretending everything is fine and that's a very liberating feeling. I am hopeful that things will get better. Today I'm going to be relaxing as much as I can and doing nice things for myself. I hope for all of you that you get to be held by someone and open up the way I did today.

17. jan, 2022

I've been doing this for like a month or something and i already don't like my old posts x.x
Anyways i'm probably gonna made some additions to my blog soon

13. jan, 2022

DEAR BLOG. (If you can't tell, this is an angry post)Humans have existed for so long! Why are there so many answers missing. I don't want to know how to analyze a speech or how to calculare (that's a lie i like analyzing speeches and stuff) i want to know if there's life in space! how to deal with my trauma!! i want to know why i'm here!!!! i want to know who i am !!!!!!!!!! stupid universe with more questions than answers

12. jan, 2022

It has been a difficult start to 2022 for me. I'm kind of overwhelmed with school and difficult parts of my past coming up all at once. It's weird being a former gifted kid and now I'm just above passing average grade. I guess I'm trying to learn that I have worth without the attention of other people and without my abilities in school.
I've a session with my former and favorite (so far)psychologist, though, so I'm looking forwards to that
Hope your start to the year has been easier than mine. Much love :)

31. dec, 2021

Today I revisited a game that I played as a kid. I thought it would be funny to try to relocate my old account, and with some difficulty I did. It was very amusing to re-visit some of the things that I wrote and posted there. There was one thing that especially surprised me. In this game, you have your own character that you dress and such. It's been some years since I touched this game, so it was surprising to discover that my character had a septum piercing, since I now, years later, have one in real life. Facinating how things work out and tie together with a red string we can't even see sometimes, don't you think?

28. dec, 2021

Song recommedations for today:

26. dec, 2021

For christmas, I got a game that was not on my wishlist and that I didn't know existed called 'kind words'. It's a game about writing nice letters. You can either write kind words to someone who has submitted a request, or you can write something encouraging in general and send it into the air in the form of a paper fly, which will appear live on other players' screens. You can also submit your own request with something you'd like advice and kind words about. It is honestly such a beautiful game. I'm so glad I was gifted this. It's a nest of vulnerability and positivity. I anticipatie I'll be using it frequently.

23. dec, 2021

I like dark and milk chocolate, but not white chocolate. I love crunchy, mousse or yoghurt fillings, but i dont care much for caramel or nougat. Liquor makes me feel sort of sick, and I don't like marzipan or licorice, and my favorite is probably plain, but nice chocoate.

21. dec, 2021

Lately I've been reading a lot, and thinking about why humans like to read, and watch series' and such. When I read a story, it's like it starts existing not only in the book but in my mind. It's remarkable how deeply books, movies and art can affect us and our ways of seeing things. And yes, by that I mean I cried watching frozen 2.

It can scare me sometimes, how much I want to dissapear into one of the worlds that only exist in my brain, or on paper. But it is also deeply human, i think. Longing for what we can't have.
Sometimes, I'd like to be better at being present, though.

19. dec, 2021

I have recently been researching pre-christian traditions around christmas in my region. It is very interesting to learn about and find ways to incorprate that into my christmas traditions. It is hard to research it, though. Either it is heavy text (which is extra-hard considering english is my second language) or it is lighthearted videos partially aimed at entertainment.
Here is a few song recommendations for today:

trying to think of a not cringe name


I made new friends that are great to talk to. We might hang out during the weekend.

I asked for a hug for the first time in ages, and was physically affectionate towards my dad which is maybe even less common.

I took the day off. I hope what happened today means healing is coming.

I really didn't think I'd be able to do it today, but I did. I took a shower, I wrote down positive words for myself, and I got myself to bed.

Today has not been too easy but I played on my ukulele a bit. I'd like to start using it regularly again.

Today I spent a lot of time just relaxing by myself. It was really nice.

I started a new book which I have been wanting to do for a while. It's a sci-fi

Today I feel alive

I went to a new city today. As always going new places on my own is a bit scary but I actually had a good time just hanging out with myself. I went to a club for queer people too which was nice. I think I'd like to be nicer to myself.

I got home early today, and got to enjoy the sunlight. Spent a lot of time with good friends. Listened to new songs

I went to the mall alone. It was relaxing, and I felt comfortable. I bought myself some new jewlery which made me feel attractive.

congrats! you reached the end!

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