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Hello, I'm Kiara! I'm the Princess of The Pride Lands, and this is my den on the web! Oh! Daddy's calling me for future queen training! While I'm gone, have a look around!

Photo Album

Me as a baby with Mom, Dad, and Rafiki

My presentation to The Pride Lands

Mom said I was always a giggly baby

Me batting at some leaves in the wind!

Rafiki puts gourd juice on my forehead

My mom nuzzles me

I'm ready to play!

Me and my dad!

Daddy reminds me of the rules before I go play

Chasing a butterfly!

The Mighty Hunter has cornered her prey

My babysitters Timon and Pumbaa

Timon checks me over for injuries

Me bumping into Kovu for the first time

Kovu growls at me

Kovu hurts my feelings

Almost getting eaten by a crocodile!

Me and Kovu running away from the crocodiles

Running across the crocodiles backs

That was a close one!

Stopping a crocodile from eating Kovu

Looking back down at the crocodiles



Tag, you're it!

Kovu doesn't understand how to play Tag

Play fighting with Kovu

Me meeting Zira

Saying bye to Kovu

I miss Kovu...I hope I get to see him again.....

Maybe if I smile wide enough Daddy can't be mad at me!

You're a part of The Great....Circle of Life! I know!

What if I don't wanna be queen!? It's no fun.....

Daddy pushes me off a rock

Another one of my smiles

My Dad

My (Not So) Great Uncle Scar

My Babysitters

Mom and Dad as Cubs!

Daddy with my Babysitters Timon and Pumbaa

Other Lions

Other Animals in the Pride Lands

Other Stuff I like
The Brak Show (Also Space Ghost, and Cartoon Planet)


Sonic The Hedgehog

Looney Tunes

Buzz Lightyear of Star Command


This section is dedicated Disney's best ride, Horizons!

My Flower Garden


The Lion King Neopets Style!
Kougra as Simba

Wocky as Nala

Fuzio as Timon

Moehog as Pumbaa

Skeith as Scar

Cerpull as Mufasa

Lenny as Zazu

Mynci as Rafiki

Usul as Sarabi

Aisha as Sarafina

Lupes as Shenzi, Banzai, and Ed

Tigren as Kiara

Badeek as Kovu

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(Jelly Neo is a great resource! I use the dailies list everyday so I don't miss anything, and they have extensive archived Neopets material, as well as tips and tutorials. )

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January 17th 2022
I figured I better start a revisions page.
Today I: Added another flower gif to the flower garden,started the Revisions Log. Added a Neopets section since I've been playing it a ton!
January 30th 2022
Sorry I haven't updated in a while! I'll update soon!
Feburary 1st 2022
Added another picture of my dad as a cub!