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Facts about me

Filler text, i liek to eat grass that has been peed on, i am richer than jeff bezos because i sold my collection of burnt cds of clip art. my butt.

Sample: Facts about cats

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My cats are good cats. They are about 14 & 15. They were rescued from an abandoned dope house by my sister. Audrey, the mother, is a very sweet girl, to me at least. She's perpetually annoyed by the only other cat she knows, her own daughter, Frances. Audrey poops on the floor, & I must be vigilant. Frances goes in the box. She's a smart girl, tales of oranges be damned.

Facts about waterfowl

The category of waterfowl includes ducks, geese, swans, and many other species. They are all amazing in their own right. Consider the elegant swan, the irate goose, or the discreet duck.

  1. The scientific name for waterfowl is anseriformes. They are one of only two types of modern bird to be confirmed present in the Mesozoic Era, alongside the dinosaurs.
  2. The word "goose" is a direct descendant of the Proto-Indo-European root ghans.
  3. Geese are monogamous.
  4. Swans usually mate for life, although divorce sometimes occurs.
  5. The oldest recorded goose was a gander named George, who lived to be 49 years old!