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We're so happy you stopped by. Thanks for hanging out with us on this adventure! We are a bunch of twenty some year olds trying to piece it all together, play music, find happiness, and share the love. "Abercorn" was dreamed up after a year of jamming out in a basement with very little direction or goals. Thanks to some very supportive friends, and a strong determination to do something- literally anything with our music and a new motto of "one percent better every day" we started playing live shows in the summer of 1997. We're not much into titles, so we play whatever sound inspires us in the moment and we play from the heart. As individuals, we bring our own unique style to our band, sharing, jamming, creating together. We're not sure what lies ahead, but we're really excited for the future! So stick around, and help us reach our goals, and as always, spread the love. We couldn't do it without you!

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