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Jed CESCAPE Love Links

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Jed, who is Jed

Hell0 friends and aliens, pleased to be here. Enjoy this space!

CESCAPE, a theory

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Cescape is your final excuse. The last obstacle. With Cescape, all options become achievable. Cescape offers a path away from mediocrity and towards self-fulfillment. Cescape is messy, it encourages customization. Cescape transcends barriers and is worn by anyone. Cescape is a home for people who know where to find it. Cescape has no phone number or address. You own Cescape, not the other way around. Throw it away and start over. Cescape is meaningless unless you give it meaning. Do not give Cescape meaning or you will become an advertisement. Cescape is bullshit. Cescape is a reminder to do better. Cescape begs you to learn from its mistakes and create your own clothing.