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About me

I am a very nostalgic dude moving over from Noncities due to a server update that is taking VERY, VERY long. I hope i enjoy my stay on Vistaserv. Chances are, i won't move back to Noncities. Dogs are very great pets. They can bark, bite, and do anything. There are guard dogs, there are work dogs. There are small dogs and big dogs. Dogs descend from an extinct wolf population.


Here are my links to other websites, mostly nostalgic ones :D

  1. BitView Channel - my main video sharing site. I upload mostly daily, like 2, 3 or 1 videos a day.
  2. Spacehey - old myspace revival. i hang out there like 6 times a week, which sounds like much but i'm trying to make it not.
  3. Blips - this is a old twitter revival. here ill express my thoughts and what im doing.
  4. SubRocks - another video sharing channel. reccomend you dont follow me here unless you dont have bitview, because after signing up for bitview i barely upload here.
  5. Saidit - not really the best place to unwind from drama but yeah this is based on old reddit's source code. follow me there.
  6. CloneMii+ - a miiverse clone that i will not have to wait months to get approved for. follow me there. no, im not a girl, the settings wouldnt let me change without setting the id so i had to resort to using some girl on youtube's network id.
  7. clitorizweb - goom was saying noncities was basically dead and mentioned this site. so i searched it up and found a link. idk what it really is. you can do a worthwhile, but not much. it looks like some social media from the late 1990s/early-mid 2000s.
  8. FriendProject - website very heavily inspired by myspace 1.0. i can't just say revival because this was made when myspace was still popular. but basically like spacehey from another era.
  9. Fakebook - recreation of [thefacebook], the early version of Facebook. Yes, the link is already dead. And it's just as glitchy as before. The only difference, the header changed.
  10. MySpace - no, not real myspace. this is a site that is very similar to windows93 myspace, although there are lots of new features and i don't think jankenpopp has released the source code of w93ms yet.
BONUS: my AOL phoenix name is "jr22". Add me as a buddy there!