Welcome to my website!!

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Welcome to my website!

Who am I?

Hello!~ I'm Kyasadi! I enjoy things such as anime like Urusei Yatsura, I also like video games and computers!


How to contact me?

My email is Kyasadi927@gmail.com

My AIM handle is mntlmentos

and My MSN is kyasadi927


Kinda temp thing until I figure something better out

~2/26 9:56 AM~

Good day so far, I had breakfast and am now just listening to music while I write this. Today is gonna be kind of a slow day until Dev comes and picks me up.


~2/25 7:20 PM~

Hello! I just made this website! Currently on my NetVista writing this! I had a fun day today,  I joined a new club in school and am just hanging out in my room now. I'm going to go to my friend's house tomorrow!



uh.... i dont know what to put here :V