hi!! i'm honey

about me! what i like! any more?

about meeee

hello! i joined this site cause its a touch on the obscure side. this site has a huge amount of potential, and i'd love to see where it goes!

fun fact: you might be wondering why my site says mimi but i call myself honey! it's kind of a pun lol... the chinese word for secret, "mi4mi(秘密)", and honey "mi4(蜜)" sound the same, and my site is like a little secret oasis for me :)

things i like!

  1. messing around with old-style websites (a given)
  2. drawing
  3. surfing the web
  4. and more!

anything more?

for now, everything's still in the works. i'll work on it more as it goes. thanks for coming!