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Facts about me

The Bartle Test says I am an ESKA.


Versus fighters

Play arcade games online : Fightcade

The Sims 2


ACR - Autonomous Casual Romance : Pleasant Sims

Default replacements (change graphics) : Pleasant Sims

A LOT of mods :


Open the cheat box : Ctrl-Shift-C

No aging on the current lot : aging -off
source : Pleasant Sims

Replenish all needs on the current lot : maxmotives
source : Game Faqs

Set the clock : sethour hour
24-hour clock, example : sethour 18

Command your guests : boolProp testingcheatsenabled true
then Shift-click on a guest sim > MAKE SELECTABLE
source : Game Faqs

How to draw

Start here : Draw a box

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