• HTML Tutorial at W3C. This simple HTML tutorial teaches you about links, images, and formatting.

  • WordHTML. A free online tool that convert any text document to a HTML markup.

  • Text Symbols A lot of text symbols to copy and paste.

  • GIFYPET Let you built a pet for your website.

  • Internet Bumper Stickers Bumper stickers for your site.

  • GifCities To browse gifs from old Geocities sites.


  • VidLii. A website to watch and share videos but with a 2006-2008 Youtube design.

  • Windows 93. A neat Web OS with the style of Windows 9x.

  • Hacker Typer. Wanna look like a stereotypical hacker from movies? Just type random stuff and pretend you actually know what you're doing.

  • The Useless Website. Pretty self explanatory. It just take you to a random useless website.

  • How Secure Is My Password Wanna know in how much time can someone hack your password? You can try here.

  • Districts on Neocities A sort of site directory of Neocities.

    Games and related

  • Macintosh Repository A website full of old programs for Mac OS

  • Wiiware Collection A collection of Wiiware games in .wad format.

  • TJAPlayer3 Taiko no Tatsujin simulator.

  • GmodContent In case you're missing some textures in Garry's Mod.

  • ScummVM A sort of emulator that allows you to run old LucasArt games and more programs running in the old SCUMM engine.


  • Windows 95 Is Windows 95 but running as an app in your computer.

  • DOSBox An x86 MS-DOS emulator. You can install Windows 3.1 in it.