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About me

I like cheese and talking to people on discord while playing games. If you also enjoy doing this I honestly do not care, good for you.

I like video games

Facts about Games

Heres a fucking catp>

Dogs are one of my favorite animals, fun fact, the original breed of pug, its snout looked very "pronounced" but now the pug is most famous for its flat snout. But my favorite breed is the wiener dog.

Facts about games

if you play fortnite what the actual fuck is wrong with you, like actually the game is a fucking advertisement, the game itself is fucking trash.

  1. also what the fuck is a waterfowl li>
  2. The word "goose" is a direct descendant of the Proto-Indo-European root ghans.
  3. Geese are monogamous.
  4. Swans usually mate for life, although divorce sometimes occurs.
  5. The oldest recorded goose was a gander named George, who lived to be 49 years old!