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About me:

Hello everyone. I am Sonic4. i like to build and play on roblox. I also publish videos on youtube or should i say, vidlii from now on. I like being friends with people around me and making great memories.

I created this home page using the Vistaserv home page wizard. It makes it really easy to publish a simple web page. I am keeping this because it is actually pretty easy.

Why making games is hard:

I want to take a break from making games

I love building, its a thing i have done for quite a long time. I really want to make games these days, but i am so demotivated, and wasting time that theres no place to make games anymore. I like building and making games, but after a while it turns into a long chore. After my game "escape from changed", making games became a chore and exhausting task. I spent three whole days making that game, and the games that came after it is basically the same. build, quality control, update, make sure everythings alright, etc... I am really really tired of making games, so i might stop making them or take a long break. I had three game ideas which i want them to turn into reality, but such little time energy and effort. 1 - All old roblox landmarks, all fused in one brickbattle map. 2 - escape school game, rebuilt and remastered. 3 - 8/A world. This will take 4 months of everything. Thanks for i dont know, still playing my games. I will try to continue to make games but i want to take a long break, for now.

About my Youtube channel

I started my Youtube channe but i didnt expect to become this popular. I do youtube not for my fans, my audience, the algorythm or whatever. I do youtube for myself and my friends. I share or make videos that i think its interesting or cool just to share with people, not to be popular. I like making old roblox styled youtube videos, retro tutorials, maybe some movies here and there, and probably memes or shitposts.

My first video, being "Mario 64 Beta Footage" was a starting video i didnt expect to do. My cousin, Kerem, told me that i had an oppurtunity when it comes to youtube'ing and told me to upload a video now. It could be anything, just having one video is ok. I made that video, because at the time mario 64 was popular and it got some views and started my channel.

My most popular video, being "Skype Drip Car FULL HD Extended (69 subs special)", i uploaded it for NO REASON but for it to just stay in the dusty shelves of my video library. But the youtube algortym boosted that video and reccomended it to everyone that was following the "drip car memes" at the time. It was popular, and when you publish a meme when its popular, it gets views. It boosted my channel from only 69 subs, to over a 200 subscribers. I really hate that video but its the reason i got popular.