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Facts about me

Hiiiiiii!!! i'm Spike and i use they/them it/its star/stars and ze/zim pronouns! my favorite show is amphibia, my favorite games are deltarune and undertale and my favorite book is cucumber quest! tecnicaly its a webcomic but idc sooo, i am very bad at talking to people and mostly just talk about my interests! I draw sometimes but dont useally post it bc i'm bad it finishing stuff xP i like lemon demon, will wood and detectivbyran, i have visual snow syndrome

Cucumber Quest

my favorite book is cucumber quest! its about cucumber and almond these two bunny kid siblings who are sent on a quest to stop the legendary nightmare knight, it is written by ggdg and features an assortment of colorful and well-written characters, i need to stop, this sounds like a back of the book summery or something.

my favorite characters would have to be the villains with their adorable found family and well written moral ambiguity (also they're hella gay and dumbasses) i have quite a few aus, ideas and headcanons about them floating around in my brain (not that they'll ever get writen bc I'm trash at writing) if i think about them for to long i will start crying or get the strong urge to start biting soooo have a pictures of my babies :3 cq


my tumblr very active on there! plz follow me or maybe talk to me i'm lonely.

my spotify i have SO MANY playlist on there