Jessica's tidbits from the year 2020

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Facts about me

As of 30May2020, I am still living in Somerville, MA. Still loving it! I'm working from home full time due to COVID-19. Looking to buy a house. Loving my Michael.

Travel: I didn't do much traveling this year, for obvious reasons, but we did make it to Maine (in January, no less!) to see Michael's friend Will. I also went to Brattleburo, VT for Rope Meeting - check it out on IG #ropemeeting.


I flossed everyday this year!! Can you believe it? I can't. It was my only goal and I fucking did it.

Paraeducators are paid too little.

Favorite things from 2020

Here are some things I liked this year. They're mostly free. Fuck you, Oprah.

  1. Favorite IG: @tricky.chicks for your daily dose of women juggling
  2. Favorite life hack: weekly vitamin organizer thingy. It's so full to fill it up and it makes it way easier to remember to take vitamins everyday. I have one that looks like this but maybe you want a fancy one that looks like this
  3. Favorite mental health life hack: DON'T BE ON TWITTER. I'm not on twitter. It's genuinely great! Recommend.
  4. Favorite TV show: Succession - it's really good!
  5. Favorite Movie: Little Women
  6. Favorite Documentary: All in this Tea
  7. Favorite Tea: Red Jade GABA Oolong from Mem Tea, my local tea shop
  8. Favorite Internet game: Mackerelmedia Fish where do I even find this stuff?
  9. Favorite Book: In Maybe You Should Talk to Someone, a therapist describes the personal journeys of her patients and also, wait for it, HERSELF!! But seriously, it's good, I cried through like the whole thing. Plus, the voyeurism of watching other people go to therapy is top notch.

  10. And finally, an anti-recommendation: health apps, like period trackers, are selling your information. DELETE DELETE DELETE